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At the GamerGates of Hell

To me, #GamerGate looks a lot like a tsunami. Something, somewhere deep beneath the waters of the industry shook and created a shockwave of emotion that is mercilessly sweeping over the wayward independent voyagers and the bedrock mainlands alike. People are leaving their houses in fear and fleeing inland away from the Internet’s turbulent coastline.

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Character Study: Xartus

Xartus has been in my head for a long, long time. In fact, he was a large part of the inspiration for the novel and the series. He’s one of the few characters who isn’t drawn from a handful of video game characters so much as he is based on a departure from that ever-present

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Some Days I Really Miss City of Heroes

Some days I get hopped up on caffeine and sugar and I start dreaming up weird projects.  Today in my head I randomly dreamed up an all-female, dessert-themed super-villain team called The Decadents.  They are made up of Terrormisu – the evil mastermind and leader of the group. Wields an array of mental powers, used

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Co-Op Contest Extended

Because of the problems I had with an over-protective Spambot filter, I was unable to receive any comments for my contest until a few days ago. For that reason I am going to push the deadline back to February 15. What’s more co-op than Valentine’s Day anyway, right?  So scroll down a couple entries and

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